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Showcase Your Company with Our Virtual Golf Simulators

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Welcome! Looking for new ideas for your next corporate function or trade show? Golf simulators will add a lot of pizzazz to your next marketing function!

Enjoy Our Competitive Prices

For the most competitive pricing and the most advanced virtual golfing technology on the market today, contact us at T-G-S-E. We offer affordable 3D simulator rentals with the latest technology available.

Our competitive rates are the best you'll find, for trade shows and corporate events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Let us know if you find one for less, and we will do our best to beat it. As an added bonus, we can deliver and set up our portable golf simulators just in time for your next event.

Effective Advertising Techniques at Trade Shows

Wouldn't you agree that a simulator would be the talk of the trade show? Now, let's take that a step further and use our unique entertainment to make your company the talk of the trade show! Actually, this advertising medium can accomplish two goals:

1. The simulator will most likely attract many curious onlookers who become potential clients as soon as they step up to your booth.

2. Throughout the virtual golf course your logo will be popping up in front of each curious onlooker turned potential client. And finally, when you send each participant his own golf-swing analysis email, we'll include a customized message from your company.

Service Areas:

Quick Delivery available to trade shows, corporate functions or other special events through the West and Southwestern U.S.A., including the following cities:










No Corporate Event is Complete Without Some Golf

Golf simulators not only provide hours of fun for your guests at your corporate functions, they also help budding and experienced golfers alike to improve their golf swing. Our simulated golf course combines regulation golf balls, incredibly high resolution visuals, and real golf clubs for an unforgettable virtual experience. Don't wait to reserve a simulator for your next corporate event, tradeshow, or other special event - call us today!

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Rentals for Practice Time

Whether you'll be hitting the golf course with your co-workers in a competition or need to practice your putting, a simulator will definitely help improve your game. They provide a realistic indoor golfing experience… it's a great way to improve your swing. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the golf course as you practice to impress your friends and family with a hole-in-one during your next golfing activity.

Ideas for Using Simulators

Corporate entertainment ideas

Trade show booth ideas

How to Rent Golf Simulators

Showcase your company at your next tradeshow or corporate event. Take advantage of our low rental rates. Contact us today to request a quote!

Virtual Golf Simulator Rentals for Corporate Events and Trade Shows

Golf simulator rentals are ideal for drawing the crowds to your corporate event or trade show booth.

How to Contact Us at Virtual Golf Simulators Rental/T-G-S-E

Contact Us : call (213-537-4681) or use the contact form on our website.

About Ron Smithburger and Virtual-Golf-Simulators

Learn more about TGSE, Ron Smithburger and using virtual golf simulators for marketing.

Indoor Golf Simulators For Corporate Events

Indoor golf simulators are ideal for attracting visitors to your booth at trade shows.

A Virtual Golf Simulator Attracts Potential Clients

Using a virtual golf simulator at trade shows attracts potential clients.

Golf Simulation: Adding Flair To Corporate Events

Golf simulation will give your next corporate event new flair with virtual entertainment.

The Best Golf Simulator for Corporate Promotions

Using the best golf simulator will create a memorable experience for your company while increasing your client base.

Review Golf Simulator Sizes

We have 3 golf simulator sizes available.

Corporate Entertainment Ideas for Promoting a Business

Get corporate entertainment ideas that are fun and create a win/win promotional event.

Trade Show Booth Ideas Using Virtual Golf Simulators

Trade show booth ideas using 3D virtual golf to promote your business.

Any meeting in which you have the opportunity to display and demonstrate your product is key in today's competitive market.

The partners you choose to help tell your story are equally important.

Golf Simulator Expert's staff were punctual, professional, and engaging. The simulator added the right mix of purpose and fun to our meeting and would recommend to any group looking to tell a great golf story.

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Sizes of Simulators Available to Rent

Indoor Golf Simulator Specifications

20' D x 12' H x 17' W

20' D x 10' H x 16' W

15' D x 10' H x 10' W